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          Addr: Industry park, Jing county, Hebei Province.
          Tel: 0318-5830088 0318-5830199
          Fax: 0318-5830199
          E-mail: 820793922@qq.com
          Website: http://www.1618cd.com
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          Ju Sheng Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is located in Xianxian economic and Technological Development Zone, is a collection of research, development, production and sales of rubber products based science and technology enterprises, existing staff of 160 people, including senior engineer 3 people, engineering and technical personnel 22.

          The company advanced equipment, strong technical force, improve the means of detection, mainly professional processing equipment more than 30 sets, knitting machine, winding machine, flat vulcanizing machine, conveyor belt production line, rubber plastic pressure type kneading machine, rotor rheometer, tensile testing machine, the main products have high pressure hose assembly, metal hose, seals and other rubber products, mining and petroleum machinery fittings etc. series of products, application and promotion in the domestic oil, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing and other industries, and won the majority of users of praise.

          Ju Sheng company mainly for oil production capacity to service and since 2002 has developed oil machine with high efficiency and energy saving oil seal, downhole tools, mud solid control pumping, piping manifold, and carbon silicon sealing parts, carbon silicon three pumping packing, polyurethane sealing parts, silicon carbon high pressure pipeline sealing assembly, PTFE sealing parts, carbon sealing materials and sealing parts, nylon, PTFE combo card hoop type centralising device and a three ball type multifunctional packing box packer, high scientific and technological content of new products, and won more than a dozen patents.

          After continuous reform, our company now has advanced science and technology, unique talent mechanism, a sound quality assurance system. We will be quality products, first-class after-sales service, warmly welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to use my company's products.

          Addr:Industry park, Jing county, Hebei Province.  Tel:0318-5830088 0318-5830199     CopyRight ? 2023 JUSHENG PETROLEUM MACHINERY CO.,LTD  All rights reserved